We want to help you grow to reach your world. God has called us to develop and share these resources for FREE. 

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Free Downloads

We have 3 sections of free downloads. They are Faith, Church and Church Planting resources. 


Our friends have written articles for Grow Churches to share with you. We encourage you to follow our friends on social media, check out their ministries, subscribe to their emails and grow, grow, grow! 

Grow Devotes

Grow Devotes are daily devotionals to help you grow in your knowledge of the Word of God and to invest in your relationship with Father God.


Reading an average of 3 chapters a day results in reading through the entire Bible in one year! Cover-to-Cover is an annual Bible reading plan with commentary on the daily reading.


These videos are short teachings to encourage you in your faith and spiritual growth. 


Podcasts share audio teaching and talks to help you grow in your understanding and connection. 


We hope these free resources help you to grow to reach your world!