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Vision to Victory

December 18, 2022

Pursuing God’s Vision for You

First acknowledge that God has a plan and purpose and then pursue Him for that plan and purpose. Many people start a new year by setting their own goals, and having our plan is good. However, getting GOD'S PLAN is better. Understanding GOD'S PURPOSE is greater. We need to seek God for His plan and purpose, and we need to lean on God for His help in pursuing it.


Gather Scriptures

Let’s get those Bible verses together that support the plan and purpose of God for our lives. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you Scriptures to stand on. What verses are you embracing for this year? 


Write the Vision

Write the vision. When we write down the vision God has given us, it helps make things clear and it serves as a reminder of what to focus on in the months to come. If we don’t have the whole picture, that’s okay- we can continue to write the vision out as the Lord unfolds it. We also can write down the purpose to remind ourselves of the reasons we are pursuing these goals.

You know where you are at right now. You know where God wants you to be, so what are the steps to get from point A to point C? God will help you with steps of wisdom to help you attain those goals. Perhaps you need to get some education or a degree. Perhaps you need to make some financial preparation. Maybe you need to gather a team, gather equipment, or make some moves. God is in the details!


Speak your Declaration

Write out a declaration of what you believe God has for you, then speak it out. Proverbs 18:21 tells us our words have POWER. They can cause life or death in our lives. Let's encourage each other, as daughters of God and sisters in Christ, to call God's will as done in our lives.


Apply and Track What You Know

God has His part, and we have our part. Knowing God’s plan and purpose won’t do us any good unless we act on it. Take steps in the right direction, and the Holy Spirit will come alongside you to help you. I also like to track progress, so each week I look at the goals and record where I’m at on the journey.


Give God the Glory

When we achieve our goals, we can celebrate, but we also should give God the glory. Let’s remember to thank Him and make Him known through our lives.