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Your Wilderness Has Purpose

June 15, 2020
Wilderness Season

Your season of transition has PURPOSE; actually, more than likely, it has more than one purpose. The Israelites went through transition in the wilderness. They weren't just wandering. They weren't just waiting. They weren't just wasting their time and resources. God had a purpose for the Israelites in their wilderness season. Some of those purposes were:
1. To allow the people to get to know Him better as a good Father, as a miracle-worker, a way-maker. Before then, they were living in bondage as slaves, stuck in pain and heartache, far from the blessings of being sons and daughters. Until then, they only knew the oppression of a Pharaoh, and through the wilderness they learned and experienced the love of a Father.

2. To rid themselves of the rebellious ones. As difficult as it was to lose 250 leaders and be rid of their poisonous effect on God's people, getting to the promise meant getting rid of Korah sooner rather than later. Can you imagine the trouble Korah and his followers would have caused later on? God used the wilderness to weed out the unyielding, proud, controlling, manipulative ones.

3. To test the faith and faithfulness of the people who were called to the promise. People went from slaves to sons/daughters, from faithless to faithful, from self-sufficient to God-sufficient, from doubtful to believing. Israel went from a distraught, disappointed, distrusting generation to a generation that was ready, willing and able to fight and claim what was rightfully theirs.

4. To raise up the right leadership. Joshua and Caleb were the only ones left of their generation to go into the promised land - and not by coincidence! It was their faith, rare as it was in those days, that caused them to believe God and continue to believe God through 40 years until they received what God promised. Many are called, but few are chosen. Many have potential, but few choose to walk by faith into the potential. The rich young ruler would have been a great leader, but sadly, he refused to let go of the familiar, the false stability, the fake fortitude of human strength.

5. To raise up a nation of people. Moses and Joshua taught the younger generation to honor God, honor His Word and honor His leadership. They were instructed to take a stand against the enemy. They were admonished to believe God for the miraculous, for protection, for provision, for the promise. When it was time to go in, that generation was prepared. Who else would march for 6 days around the city of their first battle against giants and fortifications than a nation who had been through a wilderness experience of preparation? Who would blow a trumpet and shout at walls? It was a people that knew God was bigger than what was bigger than them. The wilderness showed them that.

6. They gave God the glory. They knew from the beginning they didn't have what it took to do something great for God. They were humble, seeing themselves as "grasshoppers," but seeing their God as greater than themselves. When they received their promise, they didn't cheer for themselves, they cheered for God and have always had a remnant of people who lived to lead others to His redemption, living by grace through faith.

The wilderness had purpose! They weren't just wandering, waiting or wasting - they were preparing and being prepared. If you are in a transition, know that preparation time is never wasted time. If you have a vision that isn't fulfilled yet, especially involving a group of people you love and care for, don't move in your own strength. If you want to live in the miraculous, be willing to be in a place where miracles are necessary to live.
Allow God to test your heart and the hearts of those with you. Allow people to leave. Allow people to come join you. Ask God to reveal and instruct. Ask Him to restore and strengthen. Ask God to glorify Himself, and He will!

Your wilderness has purpose!