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The Results Are Up To God

March 22, 2022
Jonah was called to go to a foreign nation, and a dangerous one, at that.
Jonah tried to go another direction with his life, to pursue his own interests. He was unsuccessful, not because he wasn't able to succeed, but because God had other plans. The men around him asked, "Why is this happening to us?" Jonah knew he was the reason. He knew God had another purpose for his life. He said, "I'm the reason. You have to let me leave this boat."
The storm was not meant to control Jonah, to force him into compliance. As Jonah fell from the boat into the sea, he willingly abandoned himself to God, and God saved him. If it was punishment, Jonah would have died in that moment; but he didn't drown in that raging sea. God sent provision to save Jonah and transport Jonah to his destiny. Jonah had a heart change, a surrender of faith in God, a surrender that took action to obey.
It was no coincidence that Jonah was protected in the sea by the great fish, and the 3 days was significant - a sign Jesus used of His own death and resurrection. EACH OF US MUST DO THE SAME - to come to an end of ourselves in faith reliance to the point of obedience. We are not greater than Christ. This is how we live in God - by surrender and obedience.
When Jonah went to the foreign nation, he could have been killed, no doubt. He knew that. But because Jonah went, and because he obeyed, people's hearts were turned to God. God had HIS WAY. There was great success, results - because of Jonah's obedience. The truth is this - we have a master; we have a Lord. We are servants on assignment.
Here's my point. We can't gauge our success on our performance, but on obedience. Our part is live humbly, by faith. The results are up to God.
Sure, we have can ability, knowledge, training, wisdom, and resources to attempt to do great things in life, but do we own our own lives? Apostle Paul talked about our life not belonging to ourselves. He said we were bought with a price - the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
The reality is this - one day we will stand before the Author of Life, the Redeemer of the World, the Lord of the Universe. We will give an account. The question will not be "Did you do well?" but, "Did you OBEY ME?" God is much more concerned with our obedience than our sacrifice.
Jerry and I sense God calling us to serve people in other nations for the Gospel. We are willing to go. Are you willing to help send? Will you give? Will you pray? Will you support? Will you share Grow Churches with your friends?
TOGETHER. Let's wrap up these last days giving our best to Jesus, preparing for His return, living for Him as our Lord, giving Him everything. Please consider becoming a partner with us, working together in the harvest. Go to and give a reoccurring gift to partner with us. When you do, I will send you a copy of my book, "Open" as a gift. Thank you for building relationship in life and ministry!
1 Corinthians 6:19-20; Galatians 2:20; Romans 8:9; Acts 20:24; Jeremiah 10:23