Melanie's Blog

Stir Up Your Gift

October 26, 2020

"Stir up the gift of God which is in you through the laying on of my hands" 2 Tim 1:6

Does life or ministry ever leave you feeling weary, insufficient, nervous, rejected, empty, depressed?
Sometimes other people can give us a boost, but when other people are gone, we need to be reminded to stir up our gift and stir up ourselves.
Being stirred up is a spiritual activity, so to the spirit we go! These may seem basic to you, but it's always good to be reminded and do a self-evaluation:
  1. The soul (mind and emotions) and our body belong to us and they need to be brought into subjection to our heart. Our heart needs continually strengthened in order to subdue our thoughts and feelings, bring them under.
  2. The spirit gets built up when we get into the Bible on a personal level, not just out of obligation or for a lesson we're teaching others, but looking to the Holy Spirit to give us a breath of fresh air on Scripture that becomes a note of encouragement to us from the Father. It's amazing how alive the Bible can be. I also find listening to other teachers very refreshing, filling my tank from a different viewpoint than my own.
  3. Worship is another activity that stirs the heart, awakening the love in our heart for the Lord. Praise is similar, an exaltation that magnifies God over our condition or circumstance.
  4. Prayer of course, takes us to the throne room of God, a place where His presence and glory is found, a place where there is joy and peace and all that we need. Praying in the spirit, or in tongues, is something the Bible says will edify us, or build us up. It's a spiritual phenomenon where the Holy Spirit helps us to pray.
  5. Speaking God's Word or His will is powerful, declaring God's plan and purpose out loud will change an atmosphere. It pierces through walls and brings breakthroughs!
  6. Acting on what we know is key. Obedience to do what He says to do will keep us in His life-giving flow of grace and anointing. Maybe we aren't living in sin, but maybe we're neglecting to do something He instructed us to do. Dragging our spiritual feet can cause a veil of separation between us and our blessing.
  7. A desire to please people can be exhausting and disappointing. We love people, we serve people, but these come as we seek to please God. He satisfies.
  8. Growing in grace is helpful. Experiencing right standing with God helps us to move away from thoughts and feelings of guilt, fear, and shame. Humbling ourselves is our decision to open up in surrender to God to fully receive His grace applied to our need.
  9. Taking authority over the enemy is part of our responsibility, submitting to God and operating in the name of Jesus. Maybe it's taking our authority to bring correction, which is typically not pleasant.
  10. Resting in God's presence is vital, too. If we don't rest, then we open a door to stress. Physical rest is beneficial, as well as is a good spiritual rest, doing nothing but soaking in God's presence. Times of refreshing in the presence of the Lord can do wonders, allowing us to rejuvenate and refire, ready to move forward with the call on our lives!
How are you staying stirred up and on fire for God? How do others stir you? How do you stir up yourself?