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Staying At Home

April 23, 2020
Tips for Staying at Home
Basic tips for whole health for you and your family when sheltering in place:
1. Start your day in prayer with a focus on your dependent relationship with a loving Father.
2. Make the choice to trust in God's faithfulness, even if your emotions may be bouncing around.
3. Read the Bible.
4. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you specific Scriptures to write down and post around your home or in a quiet place. Quote them throughout the day.
5. Play continual worship music in your home. Stop and sing whenever you want.
6. Stay connected with your home church. Listen to what they are offering online or call a pastor.
7. Choose carefully what news media gets your attention and limit the time you spend giving your ear to the news. Be well informed, but guard against misinformation and don't allow it to consume too much of your time.
8. Choose to put your trust in God no matter what you learn about the world around you. Perhaps even read the Bible or pray after listening to the news.
9. Make sure you are listening/watching good news, including both Christian teaching and testimonies, as well as human interest stories.
10. Have interaction with people that live in your home, but make sure you all also get your own space.
11. Have personal interaction with people outside of your home through calls, texts and video chats.
12. Don't spend too much time on social media and avoid the drama that doesn't concern you or would take away your peace.
13. Do something for someone else. Check in on neighbors.
14. Take this time to catch up on projects you've wanted to do for awhile, perhaps challenge yourself to learn something new.
15. Rest. If you aren't sleeping well, take naps.
16. Exercise at home or do something outside while maintaining social distancing.
17. Eat well, drink lots of water. Keep your immune system healthy. Stay away from foods that would harm your body/mind. Take your medications.
18. Keep your mind focused on other interests. Read a book, choose your discussions, work on a hobby, etc.
19. Don't wear your pajamas all day. Get up, get dressed, and be productive.
20. Try to establish a routine and apply self-discipline.