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Remember, Reflect, and Rejoice!

January 25, 2022

When setting goals, we are looking ahead for what is yet to be accomplished. We also locate where we are, and consider what we need to do to get where we want to go. If we aren’t careful, we could easily despise where we are right now, forgetting or neglecting what it took to get us to our present.  



In the Bible, God was consistently and continually instructing Israel to REMEMBER what He had done for them in the past. One reason for remembering is to look to God as our answer and position ourselves as the one dependent upon Him. A second reason is to posture ourselves in faith for the future because the God who did it before is the same God who will do it again.


If we are in hot pursuit of what we don’t have, we will FORGET what we do have. Take time to remember what God has already done. Take the time to be thankful, to appreciate, to revel in God’s love for us.



God has given us opportunities to grow and learn. If we NEGLECT to REFLECT, then we may fail to prevail the next time we face a challenge. In the Bible, the word meditate is often used. Meditation is taking time to ponder and think. Think about His Word, and think about the lessons He has taught us. If we honor Him, we will value taking time to reflect and learn.



We live in a fast-paced society that is always moving forward. If we aren’t careful, we might skip over something very important, which is to REJOICE. Hasn’t God done great things for us? If we miss out on the rejoicing, we may slip into DISCOURAGEMENT, and feel stuck. Paul wrote, “Rejoice in the Lord always, AND AGAIN I SAY, rejoice!” Faith has joy and peace, no matter what the situation. Faith has eyes on God, the One who often shines the brightest in our darkest hour! Circumstances might paint us a picture of a negative situation, but Jesus overcame the world, and He paints a picture where God will get the glory!


So let’s not forget to REMEMBER.

Let’s not neglect to REFLECT.

And let’s not allow our heads to hang down, but to lift our heads in faith and REJOICE!