Melanie's Blog

Navigating Change With Purpose

October 6, 2020

When summer turns to fall, I get out my sweaters, scarves, and boots. I move on from summer, recognizing change is coming. If I fail to navigate change, I might be ill prepared when the season comes. Sandals and short-sleeves will not equip me for the purpose God has for fall.


The earth goes through seasons of change, and each season has purpose. Spring is for planting, summer is for growing, fall is for harvesting, and winter is for resting. Similarly, when God takes us through changes in life, those changes have purpose.


Change without purpose is empty. Change without purpose lacks a reason for moving forward. Without purpose, the question “why?” has no answer. Purpose is what gives us our incentive to start, our motivation to keep going, and our satisfaction when the purpose is accomplished. If not for purpose, why start something new? Why work hard to develop something? Why celebrate when something is completed? Purpose!


As a mother, when my girls were babies, my purpose was caring for their every need. As they grew, my purpose was helping them go from dependency to independency, as they depended on the Lord. My purpose would evolve as they grew; however, when they moved out, the Holy Spirit had another purpose for me. When the girls moved out, the Lord moved me on, and I wrote my first book. The season had shifted, and the Holy Spirit was ready with purpose.


When I look back over my past, I see how the Lord led me through many seasons in my personal growth, in my family, in ministry, in finances, in relationships, in locations – and each season had a purpose. I didn’t always know the purpose, but the Lord let me know there always was a purpose.


Some past seasons I have enjoyed more than others. Some seasons I think I wouldn’t mind having back. Give me those experiences again – maybe the same move of God or the same feeling of being productive. God has made it clear to me He wants to move, but the methods will not be familiar. I associate the methods with the move, but He is asking me to set aside my preferences and preconceived ideas. He is asking me to be focused on the purpose for today and to be open to a different way of doing it. A new wine is to be put in a new wineskin. If you try to put new wine in an old wineskin, it will burst. It can’t contain it.


I look around me today, and I see younger people rising up with new technology, new music, new ideas, new resources, and I hear the Spirit of God speaking, “Receive it, receive it.” He wants me to receive His move, but He also wants me to receive the new carrier, sounds, the new culture, the new, young leaders He is establishing in position and in power.


I’m receiving this word as He gives it, and I commit to sharing with you because I feel this is for more people than just me. Today, let’s meditate on the purpose of our season. For some of us, we are leaving one season and entering into another, and God is preparing to satisfy the hunger He placed in us years before.  It’s a season of reaping for some of us. Those things we prayed for are about are coming to pass. God’s dream that He gave us is coming to pass. We’re coming up on our season! Hallelujah!