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Mercy > Judgment

October 26, 2021
Don't be an unmerciful Jonah.
Jonah preached, Israel's enemy repented, but Jonah wasn't happy about it. Jonah wanted the people to reject his message and experience the judgment of God. Instead they turned to the Lord, and God forgave.
Is mercy justice? No. It's mercy, and it triumphs over judgment.
When we get the heart of God, we will celebrate repentance and be glad about mercy. What about justice? Shouldn't someone have to PAY for what they've done?
Well, that's kind of the point. When someone is forgiven, they are released from their debt, so no, they don't always have to be punished for what they've done. Sometimes people reap what they sow, but thankfully God is merciful, and repentance can change a harvest.
One of my Bible school instructors once said, "Spend a nanosecond in hell, and you'll realize what you deserve and be thankful for mercy."
God knows the heart of a person. If the transgressor repented and God decided to show mercy, then that's God's business. You do not want to be in opposition to God and try to bring justice to a person that God has forgiven. If God forgave, so can you. If you don't forgive and release that person, you will bring judgment on yourself. It's a spiritual principle and it's serious. Mercy is nothing to mock.
But it was wrong! It's not right! But here's the truth - mercy makes it right, mercy extends the gift of right, the gift of righteousness. It's so easy to want the mercy of God for our lives, but sometimes find it difficult to give it to someone else, especially if the pain went down deep inside.
If you struggle with extending mercy to someone, perhaps you struggle with forgiving someone that once hurt you or maybe forgiving yourself.
I'll end with this. Remember King David? David was accountable to God, and God took care of His business. God used a prophet to speak to David about adultery and murder, and David responded to the Lord with a humble, repentant heart. He showed mercy to David and kept him on the throne. David still attracted some trouble into his life because of wrong choices, but he didn't receive the judgment he deserved. And not only that, but of all the wives and concubines of David's, it was Bathsheba's son that took the throne after David. Solomon was chosen as lineage to Jesus, as well as taking the royal throne.
Don't tell me God won't do it.
If you are reading this and struggle with mercy over what seems unjust, I encourage you to release it to God. Let it go. If the forgiven person goes on to live a blessed life, God got a victory. Celebrate a good God, a compassionate God, a merciful God. Then be thankful He shows mercy to you, too.