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Jesus' Mandate

December 8, 2022

Some look at hurting people and don't want to get near them.
Some look at poor people and don't want to accept them.
Some look at addicted people and don't want to help them.
Some look at dysfunctional people and don't want to love them.
Some look at manipulative people and don't want to assist them.
Some look at different people and don't want to include them.
Some look at young people and don't want to support them.
Some look at leading people and don't want to trust them.

But let's put our eyes on JESUS.
His mandate and is anointing was for the heal the brokenhearted, to give liberty to the captive, to give sight to the blind, to free the oppressed (Luke 4;18-19). His mandate is our mandate. 

If you're a Christian and Jesus is your Lord, then how can you NOT have the same heart? If you are a pastor or a church leader, how can you NOT include helping people into your busy schedule? Isn't JESUS the One we follow?

We were pastors for 18 years. I typically set aside Wednesday afternoons for counseling. I remember a young woman criticizing me for giving a portion of my time to hurting people. I remember looking back into her cold, angry eyes, and I thought to myself, "But honey, you're one of them."

Most Christians wonder how someone can look at the design in creation and not recognize there is a Designer. We wonder how people cannot recognize the void in their heart and seek the One who can fill it. How is it that we miss looking beyond pain and dysfunction and see there is a reason, and after seeing the reason, not want to go to the root of that issue and apply that spiritual "oil and wine?"

Will everyone receive it? No. Some people have to be in control of their issues. Bartimaus was a man who knew his need and cried out to a Savior to meet his need. Not every blind person is a Bartimaus. Jesus walked by many who were blind that never cried out to Him. Their hearts are arrogant, and some of them are living inside the church walls. Some of those prideful people want position. They want acceptance and significance without humility. They want influence without surrender. They want power without responsibility. Some go beyond arrogance and become narcissistic, manipulative, and controlling. 

Thankfully there are people who share the heart of the Good Samaritan who will stop for the wrecked person on the side of the road and offer a helping hand. Thankfully there are people who will humble themselves, consecrate themselves, and show understanding and compassion.

Thankfully there are leaders who will teach holiness and still reach down to the lowly. Thankfully there are leaders who will guard against the arrogant and keep them from control in their churches. 

When I read Luke 4, I know Jesus spent 40 days fasting, then walks into a synagogue, reads from Isaiah, then closes the book, hands it back to the attendant, then sits down. In Jewish culture, He should open it up for discussion, but instead every eye is on Him and He says, "This day this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing." In other words, the Spirit of the Lord is on ME. How would you have liked to been in that room? 

Today Christ's mandate has been passed on to us. Let's be like Jesus and help the hurting.