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How To Move On From Your Past

July 11, 2021

Time moves on, but do we? I’m not necessarily talking about a physical move, but a move in God’s purpose for our destiny and our wellbeing. We all know we need to move on from our past (whether we consider it good or bad) so we can embrace the present and the future, but how? Here are ten principles for moving forward:


1.     Love Jesus more than anything or anyone, and be motivated by that love.

2.     Love people, and let love lead you on. Forgive them; forgive you. Reconcile for closure.

3.     Have eternity in mind. Life is short, and forever holds promise of ultimate peace and joy.

4.     Value the past for lessons learned and friendships made. Regret doesn’t let go.

5.     Ask for God’s help and trust Him. You can’t do it on your own.

6.     Take authority over the devil. He’s working against you.


7.     Put your emotions in check.

8.     Put your thoughts in check.


9.     Put up boundaries for what isn’t supposed to be in your life right now.

10.  Know where God wants you to go and why. Purpose will propel you forward.


Some places, people, positions, and purposes are easier to move on from than others. Some were so traumatic that you may feel unable to move at all. Some forward movement will involve processes of grieving, healing, strengthening, teaching, and correcting; and that’s okay. Keep moving forward. Don’t give God a deadline; let Him move you in His timing. He’s merciful. He’s patient. He gives hope and vision. He is faithful to meet you where you are at, take your hand, and lead you to where He wants you to be. Let go and let God move you on to your next adventure. The best is yet to come! Jeremiah 29:11