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How Link Leading Ladies Started

May 24, 2020

During a worship service at our church in Batavia, Ohio, in 2016, the Holy Spirit moved on me in a strong way. I heard Him clearly say to me in my spirit, "You are to start a ministry for women in leadership, and you are to call it Leading Ladies." The anointing was undeniable, and the mandate from God was confirmed by His manifested presence. I couldn't stand; the anointing was heavy and strong. 

I did not share what the Lord said to me, but kept it to myself. In that same service, an international female missionary was visiting, and she prophesied over me. Also, on that same day, another woman minister was there and she prophesied as well. The two female ministers, with two messages over me, confirmed what the Lord had said. 

I wasn't looking for more to do. Our little 2-year old church plant was outside the village of Batavia, in a township, with a building a little bigger than our house. We didn't have a church staff that was developing teams and ministries for a new church. We didn't have a leadership team that was maintaining the operations of the church. Much of the work was on my shoulders. However, God gave the assignment, and assignment that was conceived in the spirit, and hidden in my heart for years. 

If it had not had a supernatural beginning, as it had, I very well may have forgotten it and moved on. However, it had attached itself on the inside of me. I would pray and ponder over it. Slowly, it began to develop and take shape. 

I was reminded of a prophecy given to me by Brother Jim Clark, an apostle from Baton Rouge. In the 1990's he prophesied I would have a ministry to women. The anointing was transferred when he prayed over me, and I fell to the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit. Shortly after, Jerry and I stepped out to travel internationally, and I started a ministry to women leaders then. I thought it was done when we started to plant churches. 

So I would like to encourage you, don't just pursue your own desires. Find out God's plan for your life. Let God conceive it, shape it, birth it and grow it. Don't force it, but flow in the rhythms of God's grace, and flow with Him on wave after wave. With your one, short, beautiful life, fulfill the Father's purpose intended for you before the foundations of the world. Learn to ride on His wings, and find joy and contentment in your lot, continually seeking to take your territory for the kingdom.