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Get The Right Team Around You

August 29, 2019

Do you want to do big things for God? 
Do you want to make a difference in your community? 
Do you want to see lives changed?

Whether you are in ministry or the marketplace, God gave you a dream because He wants to complete it.

You can’t do it alone. You need the right team around you to help you accomplish the vision TOGETHER.

I love to read books on leadership, but the book I like most is the Bible. When I think about getting the right team around me, I look at the team Jesus put together…

  • Jesus had to tell Peter, “Get behind me, Satan” because Peter was in opposition to His mission.
  • Jesus had to heal an ear because Peter tried to take the guy’s head off.
  • Jesus knew His entire team would fall away from Him when the Jewish nation put Him to death.
  • He knew Peter would deny Him on three separate occasions.
  • Jesus had to correct two brothers for fighting over who was the greatest.
  • Thomas doubted that Jesus succeeded at His mission.
  • Judas, a close confidant and friend, sold Him out.
  • His team couldn’t even stay awake for an hour of prayer right before Jesus was to face the punishment and torment of the sin of the human race.
  • They doubted, they contradicted, they were weak, they fell away, they betrayed.

I think Jesus may have even rolled His eyes when He had to come behind the team to do what they couldn’t do and free a boy from a spirit.[1] Seriously, look at what Jesus said, ““O faithless generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I bear with you? Bring him to Me.”

Through all the ups and downs, Jesus accomplished His mission, and He did it through imperfect people. Here’s what I love about the disciples…

  • Even though they failed, they got back up again.
  • They continued with the mission, even after being beaten and threatened.
  • They did what Jesus did, the way He demonstrated the ministry.
  • Most of them were martyred for the mission.
  • They received His forgiveness.
  • They received His mercy.
  • They received His grace.
  • They received the Holy Spirit and power.
  • They were said to have “turned the world upside down.”

Let’s look at one more example of getting the right team around you. In the Old Testament we read about what King David accomplished with 400 men who were described as being in debt, distressed and discontent.[2] Why did David choose them? Because they were where he was – and they caught his vision, and they put their life on the line for him. As a leader, especially those leaders in ministry, have you ever chosen someone because they were the only volunteers you had? You couldn’t afford to hire a team, but God gave you people who were willing to go to work for free. Maybe you chose someone because God showed you their potential so you took a chance. Maybe you have been let down, abandoned, betrayed, discouraged or embarrassed by a team member. Know this: even though our team is supposed to represent us, our vision and our values; when a team messes up, that team does not define us or the God we serve. What defines us is how we keep getting back up. We keep receiving His grace. We keep true to the dream God gave us.

Look, I don’t want to dismiss good principles of team building by pointing out the flawed team that Jesus intentionally chose, but I do want to encourage you that God does some of His best work through imperfect people.

So, what is the “right” team? There is wisdom in choosing team members that have education, training, skills, character and experience. It is a blessing to have people that have your heart… and your back. But don’t forget, Jesus wouldn’t have gone to the cross without Judas, and David may never have gotten to the throne without His mighty men. Even if you have been burned in the past by someone’s disloyalty, don’t close up your heart and turn your back on potential.

In a world that logical, competitive and controlling, God often decides to call what is weak, to choose what is foolish and to anoint what is simple.[3] God did this so the world would see Him at work. He chose a stutterer to be His mouthpiece. He called an old man to start His chosen nation. He chose a young boy to kill a giant enemy…and He chose you, imperfect you. And He chose me, imperfect me. Remember, the kingdom of God doesn’t operate the way the kingdom of the world operates. Use wisdom and knowledge in choosing a team, but don’t forget to also be led by the Holy Spirit.

One last thought, God is your supply. Matthias was Judas’ replacement. He was supplied and chosen by God for the position. If and when a team member fails or leaves you, God will fill the void. We need to call out on Him, “God you are my supply.” God excels at filling needs. Look to God for forming and reforming your team. Whoever He chooses will be just right for you in the season you are in. We should use wisdom, but we also should never replace the leading of the Holy Spirit with our way of doing things. Pursue God; He will never let you down. 

[1] Mark 9:19

[2] 1 Samuel 22:2

[3] 1 Corinthians 1