Melanie's Blog

Bitter Made Sweet

September 1, 2022

A root of bitterness describes when bitterness gets down deep in your soul, grows in offense, strengthens its grip through unforgiveness, and branches out into every part of your being until you become full of hate, rebellion, selfishness, and cynicism. What may have started out as a self-preservation mechanism has turned into an impenetrable control system, giving a false sense of security and happiness, but actually imprisoning the person with bars of bitterness. The effects are sadness, loneliness, rejection, and emptiness; and in some cases, it can lead to substance abuse and addiction.
The solution to bitterness is surrender to God's rescue, allowing Him to pull out the root system of hate with His greater grip of love. It requires trusting HIM, and letting go of perceived control, letting go of expectations of perfection, and beginning to give some grace, mercy, and forgiveness to yourself and to others.
God never gives up on you. And there are some Christians that will never give on you, either, but they know they have to wait for your heart to turn and for God to do the work. But faith in God is faith in the impossible - that not only can God move a mountain, but that God can change the hardest of human hearts.
Are you in faith today for someone who has put up walls around their heart to keep you out? If so, then today I want to say to you: Remember Jericho. The walls didn't come down because the people tried to convince them to come down. They didn't come down because people tried to tear them down brick by brick. Those walls came down when the people fought in the spirit. They patiently walked around those walls and waited for GOD HIMSELF to work from the inside out. When they were locked out in the natural, they shouted out in the spirit. They declared victory over the enemy. When you feel there is nothing else you can do, you can fight in the spirit. There is no wall too tall where God's Spirit cannot go.
Maybe your loved one can keep their distance from you, but Is there anywhere your loved one can go to hide from God? Absolutely not. Any place that is too high or too low? Certainly not. Any place too dark? Any place too desolate? Any place too fortified? No, no, no. Never give up, child of God. God is able!
Take authority over lying spirits.
Refuse to doubt or give up.
Pray for revelation of light and a revolution of love.
Intercede for mercy.
Declare victory over bitterness! In Jesus' name!
Like Moses saw the poisoned waters made to be sweet, God will remove the toxins of bitterness and cause rivers of living water to spring up and overtake hate. Love is greater! God is greater!
Having done all to stand, keep standing!
An old hymn comes to mind:
I was sinking deep in sin, far from the peaceful shore
Very deeply stained within, sinking to rise no more
But the master from the sea, heard my despairing cry
From the waters lifted me now safe am I!
Love lifted me, love lifted me
When nothing else could help,
Love lifted me