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8 Ways a Church Can Assist With Mental Health

September 26, 2019

As churches, we often encounter people who are dealing with a wide range of mental troubles from mild anxiety or depression to dangerous thoughts that lead to actions of abuse, suicide or murder. Mental health is important, and is part of the salvation Jesus Christ offers. 

Here are some ways a church can offer help for someone in need of mental wholeness:

1.  Know, teach and minister God's "sozo" salvation, God's ability to bring complete wholeness and soundness in spirit, soul and body. Offer prayer and the anointing for freedom. Offer the Word of God that has the power to strengthen and set us free. Offer small group teaching on wholeness for those people overcoming brokenness. 

2. Encourage healthy relationships with the person that transcends any of their struggles, so they know they are loved and accepted, whatever their condition. Guard against unhealthy connections that could lead to further trouble. 

3. Relate with families who share a love for the person in need. 

4.  Be ready to give direction to people who may need medical or psychological help. Doctors, counseling, medicine and recovery centers can be effective. Have information of the professional services available in your area. 

5.  Respect boundaries. As a church, we are not here to force people to get help if they do not want it and are not a threat to themselves or others.  

6.  Contact appropriate authorities. If a person is a danger to themselves or others, know who to contact to report the information with people who are authorized to intervene. 

7.  Know state law on reporting the abuse of minors. This is to protect the person as well as to protect the church. 

8.  Have church safety and security procedures in place to protect church members.  

In all things, love people in need and believe that God's love and power can accomplish great things. 

Thank you for loving and ministering to the people God loves and the men and women for whom Jesus died.