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5 Ways a Church Can Help In a Crisis

April 23, 2020
Our world often faces crisis situations. Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, famine, wars, pestilence and such. Now we are facing Covid-19. God has delegated the care of the hurting and the poor to the church. God has always asked His children to look to Him and do what He says and in the way He says to do it. If we do things the way we saw it done in the past, we could miss God. Right now the church needs to look to God, and be led by His Spirit, extending His love and leading people to salvation in Christ.
I believe in signs and wonders and miracles. I believe we must lean on a supernatural God and expect Him to show up in supernatural protection, provision and healing. There are natural needs that need met. There are people suffering in depression, anxiety and fear. There are people feeling pressure and experiencing heartache, loss and failure. I personally am believing God for a move, an awakening, that will lead to an out powering of the Holy Spirit.
There is one Church. It's the kingdom of God, and Jesus is over it. That one body has parts - local churches, and those churches have pastors that oversee the vision for that local church. Those local churches are made up of people who are meant to be equipped and empowered for growth and ministry. God works through people, not only in regard to natural matters, but with supernatural matters as well. Here are fives ways God can work through churches:
1. Churches point to God for help and hope. Our faith promotes personal, inner, spiritual peace. Even unbelievers recognize faith is helpful.
2. Churches are communities of people that care about each other, offering friendship in times of trouble. Even the world can appreciate the value of relationships.
3. Churches are a HUGE force to help shoulder the weight of community care. Even the government recognizes that churches help feed the hungry, help the hurting, provide for the poor, check in on the elderly and vulnerable, support those searching for freedom from addiction, etc.
4. Churches already have a local network, inside their church family and in relationship with other pastors, so churches are often the first responders and the most lasting responders after a crisis.
5. Churches call on God for supernatural miracles. Even the world can admit there are things they can't explain. Prayer, worship, sharing Scripture, ministering the anointing...
If you have a home church, continue to support it and yield to the vision God has given your pastor. If you do not have a home church, ask the Lord to lead you to the church He has meant for you - a place where you can help serve and reach others. God bless you!