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5 Characteristics of a Spiritual Leader

October 3, 2021

Here are 5 characteristics of a spiritual leader, and these 5 points are based on a leader who is God-sufficient instead of self-sufficient.

Self-sufficient leaders can accomplish a lot, but they usually end up missing much of what God wants them to do. They focus mostly on their ability, their authority, their appearance, and their accomplishments.

Those who position themselves to be God-sufficient are leaders who put their focus on God’s desires, God’s plans, and God’s purposes. They have an intimate, dependent relationship with God, and their love for Him causes them to want to please Him.

1.  Someone who will follow the Lord. A God-sufficient person will follow God and give Him what He wants for the people they have been charged to care for. A self-sufficient man or woman will do what they think is best and then ask God to bless it. There is a big difference between following God and the one who asks God to follow him or her.


2. Someone who will pursue the anointing. The self-sufficient will ask for God’s help, but continue to put their main focus on natural methods of growth. The God-sufficient will grip onto God and not let Him go until they receive they see the power of God manifested so the needs of people are miraculously met and God alone receives the praise.


3. Someone who will wait. The self-sufficient will wait for a time, but their impatience will cause them to stop waiting and get back to the work of their hands. The God-sufficient will wait on God in faith no matter how long it takes. In addition, leaders that want to please God will be willing to be tested and determined to stay dependent on the Lord, no matter what.


4.  Someone who will obey. The self-sufficient will choose what they want to do or not do, making decisions on what is best for them. The God-sufficient will obey God no matter what it looks like to others. They are willing to make changes, willing to let go, willing to take action, and willing to be uncomfortable if necessary. They are not concerned with achieving their personal success as much as they are with giving God what He wants; therefore, this leader would leave the 99 to go after the 1. This person will accomplish what God has called him or her to do.


5. Someone who will move by compassion. The self-sufficient will close their heart, refusing to be moved so as to stay focused on what they want to do. The God-sufficient leader has an open heart where the love of God is able to grip and move a leader with mercy and compassion.


We need both natural and spiritual means for ministering in the earth today; however, the natural methods need to give way when God starts moving in the supernatural. The self-sufficient will use natural means over spiritual means, and they may accomplish good things. The God-sufficient will use natural means in subjection to spiritual means, accomplishing God’s purpose with God’s power.

Hebrews 11:6 “But without faith it is impossible to please Him…” Faith is dependency that acts in obedience. If your aim is to please God, follow Him, pursue the anointing, wait on God, obey God, and keep your heart open to feel His mercy and compassion by finding sufficiency in the Lord.