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10 Things That Happen When Christians Work Together

March 15, 2021

Working together is something we find throughout the Bible, in both Testaments. I've written down just ten things that happen when Christians work together. Please comment below with your thoughts on what happens when believers serve together.

1.     God is glorified, not a person, local church, or ministry.

2.     We show the world the love of God.

3.     We promote unity with other believers, churches, ministries.

4.     We empower each other to have greater impact.

5.     We strengthen and expand through diversity.

6.     We attract the lost to someone bigger than themselves.

7.     We have accountability and encourage holiness.

8.     We avail ourselves to more gifting.

9.     There is a corporate anointing to work wonders.

10.  As a bride, we prepare for Christ's return.