Jerry's Blog

5 Core Values for Teamwork

August 29, 2019

I believe the following five c's are valuable qualities in a leadership team in ministry, business and any community involvement. Where we are weak, we correct and strengthen. Where we are strong, we support and build. 

1.    Character - As leaders and representatives of Christ and the church, it is important to have spiritual maturity, shared values, Biblical integrity, and personal discipline. I believe leaders should give God and the church their very best.

2.    Competency - As leaders, it is important for the people on our team to have the ability to do their job well. They need to be skilled in their area of ministry as well as have strong work ethics. I'm also interested in a team where leaders are continuing to develop, to learn, and to adapt with what is cutting edge.

3.    Culture - I look to build a team of leaders who have a love for God, a love for one another, and will grab hold of a heart for our region. I look for a team who will focus on what is relevant to the people we are reaching in Greater Cincinnati and be able to relate to people in order to serve and meet needs.

4.    Chemistry - As a pastor, I want my team to be able to enjoy working together and to work together well. I purposely choose team people who are different from one another, as well as men and women who are strong in areas where I am weak. I also choose people with a variety of experience, skill sets, personality, and backgrounds. A team member must be able to appreciate differences, cannot be easily offended, must be able to resolve conflict and give effort to communication.

5.    Compassion – The vision matters, but so do the values. Compassion is the “why” we want our team to share. The reason we are in ministry is because we love God and we love people.

For the dream to work, the team has to work; therefore the five qualities of character, competency, a sense of culture, chemistry and compassion are qualities we should value and develop.