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4 Core Values For Leadership

August 29, 2019

As leaders, we should value what God values. The Word of God unfolds many important qualities a leader should desire and possess, characteristics that we see in our Father God. The following four “H’s” are core values we emphasize with our leadership teams:


·       Humility: When a leader is humble, their heart is surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ and they bring out the potential in others.


·      Honor: When a leader shows honor, it shows they value God and people. When a leader honors the Holy Spirit, we can expect that God will move beyond human limitations.


·       Honesty: When a leader is honest, they have the ability to connect with others in heartfelt and meaningful relationships.


·       Holiness: When a leader embraces holiness, they value what God values. They embrace the ways of God that lead to peace and blessing.


To apply these values, they must become a part of who we are. Here are suggestions on growing in humility, honor honesty and holiness:


1.     Become born again and receive a recreated nature, a spirit made in God’s image and likeness.

2.     Received both the indwelling and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. We cannot become more like God in our own strength. We need His help. The Holy Spirit is that help.

3.     Decide to become more like God. It’s a choice. Then rise up in spirit, ruling over your soul and body.

4.     Build yourself spiritually. Feed on the Word and you will grow. Pray, worship and gather together in church services. The more spiritually mature you are, the stronger you are in spirit, able to get the soul and body to line up with your heart.

5.     Take authority over the enemy, who is always looking to defeat you. Don’t fight him in your own power. Surrender to God first, then resist Him in His power and the authority in Christ’s name, and tell the devil to stop his work and to leave your life.

6.     Guard your heart. Don’t play around with temptation. Don’t allow what is contrary to God to have influence on your life.

7.     Be accountable to someone, knowing we all need support and encouragement.

8.     Pursue God’s Presence. Learn how to soak in times of worship, meditation and prayer in your personal life. When His glory is manifested, you will become more and more like Christ.


Thankfully, we are not on our own with the process of transformation. First, God positions us in right-standing with Him. Second, He continually works right-walking with Him by His extravagant, tangible grace through our reliant, obedient faith. Life with God is an adventure, getting better and better until the day we meet Him face-to-face.