Grow Graphics

T-shirt Design

T-shirts can be just a cool design we we want to wear. T-shirts can also serve a purpose:

  • T-shirts can make a statement or attract interest.
  • T-shirts can be gifts to first-time guests or to people who register for a conference. 
  • T-shirts can help promote your church or organization, directing them to visit a website. 
  • T-shirts can be used to identify volunteers that have been through a screening and application process, such as kids ministry in a church or daycare.
  • T-shirts can be used to identify teams in public places, like a youth group at an amusement park, an outreach team at an event or a mission team in the airport.
  • T-shirts can also be used to build a team mentality for having something in common. They can be used for group photos to share with team members.
  • T-shirts can also be good for communication in photos, like water baptism, and when worn after the event, a good communication tool.   

Grow Graphics will send stock or custom T-shirt design to your screen printer for production. 

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