Cover to Cover

February 19

February 19, 2022

Mark 3:1-21


In Mark 3:1-6, Jesus healed a man’s hand, but He does it on the Sabbath, when no work was to be done. The Sabbath was also for grace and rest. Jesus extended the grace of God through faith when He healed the sick. We also see the Pharisees, instead of considering Jesus was the Messiah and that God was doing miracles among them, they chose to plot how to destroy Him. Don’t be surprised when people who become puffed up in pride come against a real move of God. Let’s stay humble, seek God, and go after what He is doing today!


In verses 7-12, a crowd follows Jesus. They pressed in to touch Him, knowing that physical touch brought a transfer of power. Jesus instructed His disciples to have a small boat ready so that when people began to press Him, He could get some distance to prevent being crushed.


In verses 13-19, Jesus calls the disciples and empowers them to preach, heal, and deliver. He does the same for us today!


In verses 20-21, the crowd regathered, pressing Jesus and His disciples. When Jesus’ “own people” heard about it, they went to try to stop the Christ, considering Him to be mentally or emotionally imbalanced. If your people don’t understand the anointing or your passion for ministry, some may think you are a touch of crazy. We can understand that they don’t understand, and we can pray that they will.



Numbers 1-2


The first five books of the Bible make up what is known as the Pentateuch, all written by Moses. Each book (scroll) is a continuation of the preceding book. One progression we see is Moses’ life. His birth is recorded in Exodus and his death recorded in Deuteronomy. The Hebrews titled this book “In the Wilderness,” taken from the first verse, as well as the content of the book.


At the end of Leviticus, Israel was still at Mount Sinai. Israel will leave Mount Sinai in Number 10:11. Numbers has two major sections. The first has instructions as Sinai to prepare the Hebrews for their journey.  The second is the actual journey itself. This is a growing multitude of people. To move across the desert will take organization and communication.


In chapter 1, God asked Moses to take a census for a military purpose. God is not against counting people when the knowledge of the size of a crowd helps us make decisions, such as,  building use, staff and volunteers, zoning, growth, and effective ministry.


God also placed the tribes around the tabernacle of meeting, with His presence at the center.