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Blog Entries - Oct. 2021

October 7

October 7, 2021

Isaiah 37-38   Can God change His mind? Can prophetic words be changed? In chapter 38, King Hezekiah is sick, and the prophet tells Isaiah that the Lord said that Hezekiah would die. Hezekiah was at war with Assyria,

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October 6

October 6, 2021

Isaiah 34-36   Prophecy often is given in segments, and those segments can overlap previous prophecies. For example, Isaiah has already written on the judgment on the nations and the millennium, but we read further

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October 5

October 5, 2021

Isaiah 31-33   We read more prophetic Messianic Scripture in these chapters, much of it focused on Jerusalem, or Zion, the city of God. In Isaiah 33:17 it says, “Your eyes will see the King in His beauty (or

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October 4

October 4, 2021

Isaiah 29-30   Isaiah was a prophet during the reign of King Hezekiah and during the attack of Assyria on Israel. God took notice and was involved in the conflict, speaking the woe, or sorrow, for Israel and the

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October 3

October 3, 2021

Isaiah 27-28   Isaiah 27 is also part of what is known as “Isaiah’s Apocalypse” because it describes the very end times, including the Day of the Lord and the Millennium. Chapter 27 is about the restoration of

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October 2

October 2, 2021

Isaiah 24-26   Isaiah 24-27 is generally referred to as “Isaiah’s apocalypse.” In chapter 24 we read about God’s judgment on earth. The sin of the earth’s inhabitants have cursed it, and that curse has left

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