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Blog Entries - Oct. 2021

October 13

October 13, 2021

Isaiah 50-52   Isaiah 50:1-3 is a continuation of God’s confirmation of His faithfulness and love to Israel, carried over from chapter 49. Staring in verse 4 is a prophetic word for Christ, (he Servant) possibly

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October 12

October 12, 2021

Isaiah 48-49   In chapter 48, we read about a rebuke to Israel for not accepting His working. God describes them as obstinate, having an iron neck and bronze brow (stubborn). Today, in our churches, we shouldn’t be

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October 11

October 11, 2021

October 10

October 10, 2021

Isaiah 43-44   Here we read about the Redeemer. Again, we can see dual meaning, one for the time period in which they lived, having to do with Cyrus, Persia, and Egypt. Another application could apply for the Jews in

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October 9

October 9, 2021

Isaiah 41-42   Have you ever wondered where God was or if He really was working on your behalf? Israel had these questions, and God responded. I like the New Living Translation of Isaiah 41:10, “I have chosen you

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October 8

October 8, 2021

Isaiah 39-40   Chapter 39 wraps up Isaiah’s writings on Hezekiah, mentioning his boasting of his treasures and weaponry. Because of his pride, Isaiah prophesies that Babylon would one day carry away all the wealth

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