Cover to Cover

August 20

August 20, 2021

1 Corinthians 2


The second chapter is a continuation of the first, where Paul addresses the wisdom and philosophies of the Greeks in comparison with the spiritual knowledge of God that is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit. It’s the humble heart that receives from God through reliant faith. The matters of the spirit are not understood with mere intellect alone; they are only known from the heart, the spirit within. These spiritual truths are only grasped as the Holy Spirit reveals them, from heart to heart, spirit to spirit. It is easy to miss spiritual truth if we aren’t giving attention to the spirit through prayer and meditation. It is possible to be deceived into another way of thinking if we don’t humble ourselves before God. However, when we surrender ourselves and soak in God’s presence and in His Word, spiritual matters are uncovered, and we see what we didn’t see before. We experience what we didn’t know what was possible before. What a wonderful life we have in God in the spirit!


Psalm 116-118


The opposite of being thankful is complaining, or expressing a complaint. A complaint is an expression of discontent or fault-finding. Complaints can be a form of judgment, condemning someone or something, whether inside ourselves, with another person in private, with a trusted few, or in public. If we are complaining about a person or a situation, that person or situation seems to become much worse the more we fail to appreciate them, to be thankful for them, to support them. Complaints will pile up, and what was a small matter can turn into a mountain, and often separation is a result. Complaints can change the atmosphere of a home, a relationship, an office, a church, or a community. Negative, critical words affect our environment, starting within, and eventually moving without. However, the same is true for a thankful person. A thankful person is a loving person that operates in grace, overlooking faults or difficulties, and remaining positive. When we are thankful to God, we choose to think on what He has done for us over the challenges we may be facing in life. We choose to mention His goodness, not only in who He is, but we’re also thankful for the people and positions we have in life. Being thankful draws the favor of God and allows us to continue in His blessings. Complaining often causes us to lose a blessing or miss out on what could have been. Let’s choose to be thankful!