Cover to Cover

April 4

April 4, 2020

Judges 12-14


In Judges 13 we have the birth of Samson and his parents experiencing two supernatural encounters before his birth. There are many instances in Scripture where the angel of the LORD is none other the second Person of the Godhead in a pre-incarnate form. This is one of those instances and so is the angel that spoke to Gideon. One big tip off is that way the angel responds to the offering. In both instances, with Gideon and with Samson’s parents, the angel participates in some way with the consumption of the offering. When that occurs, it's God. As wonderful as those experiences are, we in the New Covenant have it better. Christ dwells within us (Colossians 1:27). Glory to God.   


Luke 9:37-62


In our reading from Luke today is a very powerful message for us as believers. God is not trying to keep people out of heaven, He is trying to get them in. As Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem he was going to pass through Samaria and one of their cities. Before he arrived he sent some individuals ahead to make ready for them to receive him. You see, when Jesus went from town to town, he wasn’t by himself, most of the time there was a somewhat large group of people that traveled with him. There was the 12 apostles, and some of them brought their wives. There was the group of people who financed and took care of the group as they ministered in the countryside. Any way Jesus sent a group ahead to prepare for  when they got to the Samaritan city. Well when they got there the Samaritans did not want to have anything to do with Jesus and two of his closest apostles, who were in his inner circle, James and John asked Jesus if they should command fire to come down and consume the Samaritans. Jesus rebuked them strongly by telling them they were being motivated by the wrong spirit. He went on to say that He was here to save men’s lives not destroy them. We need to remember that as we are ministering to a lost and dying world.