Cover to Cover

April 28

April 28, 2023

Luke 21:20-38


In verse 29, the meaning for the fig tree parable is simply to say that when we see the signs of the times, like one would see buds on a tree, you know the season and you know the time is near.


Jesus spent His last week before the crucifixion teaching in the temple. In verse 38, it says “all” the people came to hear Him teach in the temple. That would be a large crowd, especially during the feast when Jewish men were required to return to Jerusalem for the Passover feast. The gathering was always a requirement, but how interesting that because of that requirement, multitudes were gathered in Jerusalem during important days in Christ’s ministry.


Be watchful for His coming. Some will have discernment, but most people are not going to be aware of the end times, even among Christian believers. We are wise to pay attention, especially in our day. Our King is coming back for us, Church! That is something to celebrate!



2 Samuel 19-20


The heart of the king was to grieve Absalom, so the nation followed him in mourning. It was never a competition to David. He never wanted the fight. When David returns to Jerusalem, we see the king showing mercy and restoration to those who were against him. For the one who has been forgiven of much is one who loves much.


As long as there are humans, there will be conflict. We see quarreling in chapter 19 and we see Sheba’s rebellion in chapter 20. The same is true today. In churches, why be surprised when we see people disagree? Why be surprised when we see people offended because they didn’t get a position they wanted? Why be surprised when people get angry and upset over not getting their way? It’s human. It is best when we humble ourselves and guard our unity. Let’s determine to love each other and build His kingdom!