Cover to Cover

July 28

July 28, 2021

Acts 27:26-44   There are 276 people on this ship. Paul is a leader, and he is taking leadership in a crisis, even though he is the prisoner. He encourages them to eat. They eat, then throw other provisions off

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July 27

July 27, 2021

Acts 27:1-25   In verse 10, Paul says, “Men, I perceive…” and spoke of upcoming disaster to the ship, the cargo, and lives. The Bible says sailing was dangerous because “The Fast”

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July 26

July 26, 2021

Acts 26   Paul speaks to Agrippa in answer to the accusations against him. He gives his testimony of his supernatural encounter. In response to his story, Festus, who does not know God, shouts loudly,

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July 25

July 25, 2021

Acts 25   Festus travels to Caesarea in Judea, where Paul is imprisoned. The Jews approach Festus as their new leader, since Felix didn’t do anything, and urged him to move Paul to Jerusalem. They had a

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July 24

July 24, 2021

Acts 24   Paul stood before a Roman commander, then the Sanhedrin, and now Felix. The Jews accused Paul, then Felix gave Paul permission to bring a defense. Felix’s wife, Druscilla, was Jewish, and Felix

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July 22

July 23, 2021

Acts 23:1-11   The commander that arrested Paul doesn’t understand what Paul has done wrong. He doesn’t want to interrogate a fellow Roman, so he decides to release Paul to the Sanhedrin.  The commander does not

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