Testimonies from Mexico

July 30, 2019
Ruth Martinez-Ost

By Ruth Martinez-Ost

A pastoral couple had serious marriage problems and were on the verge of separation As we were finishing up one day, Vic said to the husband, “just treat and love your wife, like Christ loved the Church”. All the lights went on, from that moment forward everything changed in their marriage, family and church. Recently they invited us to speak to 25 couples at a Marriage Seminar they held in their church.

One on one is one of the most valuable opportunities of multiplication.

We would like to share another testimony regarding a now pastoral couple, who were former business people. As we opened the Saturday classes he was the first student to sign up, yet he seemed like the most unlikely candidate. Saturday after Saturday was spent pouring the Word into his life along with 5 other students. 18 months later they started a home group with 3 people and in three months grew to 30 people in an area of Monterrey where there are NO evangelical churches. There is only one dance hall in the whole area which they are now renting for a church. The growth has been because the noise is spreading that “miracles” are the norm.

Vic had triple surgery in his right eye and was told the best he could expect was just to see only objects. One day he was reading his Bible on the cellphone and I just said to him, “what don’t you cover up your good eye and see if you can read with the right eye?” Amazingly he was able to read!

A month ago we had the Encuentro Hermano Mayor (this is a yearly event called “the older brother and the purpose is to invite former students to meet and connect with the present students) On this occasion former students came that had not been here for 37 years. They shared an awesome testimony – He had very serious medical issues – weighed only 77 pounds, couldn’t see, couldn’t speak – leg was totally swollen almost to the point of amputation and had been in the hospital for weeks. In addition, his wife had breast cancer. After being told there was no hope; he said, “God I have preached that you are a miracle working God, we are trusting you as our ONLY hope”. Both are perfectly healed.

Faith, Hope and Love Center Victoria – As we were praying for the first time in the gang-infested swamp a purse was stolen from the car. The beginnings were a small tin-roof building and a tent. – I recall one evening everyone was clapping – slapping the mosquitos! We prayed and asked God for a miracle, “not one more bite until after the service” you could hear the silence, not one more mosquito bite til after the service! Since the land was a swamp we had to bring in 1500 truckloads of “landfill”. The place is now a finished building that seats 1400 people and there are starting the third Sunday service. Every week precious souls are coming to Jesus.

Vic and I have completed 50 years at the Bible School this year. During our February event we had a wonderful transition. Our youngest son David and his wife Cintia are now the Directors of the Bible School. Please pray for them as they also are Pastors at the 1rst theater we purchased in Monterrey.

Our oldest daughter Rebeca has been the Bible School Coordinator for 16 years. We ask you to pray for her as this is a bittersweet experience as there is “grief and relief”. She is teaching in a Christian school in southern Mexico.

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