August 2, 2019
Marti Landis

By Marti Landis

As a wife, mother, friend, leader in ministry I understand and appreciate women.

We have many hats to wear, including the ability to multi-task and remain fluid at any given moment.  However, as women we oftentimes push our real feelings aside. We don’t want to appear emotional, weak or unable to handle things.  I believe that God in His goodness and mercy affords us moments or seasons to refresh ourselves in His presence. Through the word, meditation, prayer and worship it brings us back to the Original Intent of what we were created for.  Hard times, life’s circumstances and busyness can distort or cause the waters of your life to become muddy and cause you to become stagnant.

Years ago God put a message in my heart titled, “Resilient.”  To be resilient means to bounce back, spring back to it’s original form or to become strong after something bad happens.  It means to recover from sickness, depression, withstand shock, permanent damage or rupture.

The Lord directed me to the lotus as a visual (plus I love flowers). It is an amazing flower that represents resilience.  It grows in muddy, swampy, dirty water.  When it opens there is not any mud on the flower.  It goes down each night and the sunlight drawls it back out the next morning.

Just like our morning the Sonlight can cause us to rise again.  One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 46:5 Holman translation, “God is within her; she will not be toppled. God will help her when the morning dawns.” His mercies really are new every morning.  We have a fresh start to bloom again.  Pushing through all the muddiness of life.  The enemy wants us to focus on the hurts, disappointments, failures or even past sins.  However, God will help you as you seek Him in the morning.  He will not allow you to topple or fall.

God will silence the the lies of the enemy. As you become stronger you will begin to become that flower again. No matter what muddy waters you have come through you can face life.  You will be able to withstand the shock.  As you flourish your desire begins to change. Instead you want to please Him and set others set free.  I love how The Song of Solomon chapter 2 verses 1-2 talks about the lotus in the Message translation. It says, “I’m just a wildflower picked from the plains of Sharon, a lotus blossom from the valley pools. A lotus blossoming in a swamp of weeds— that’s my dear friend among the girls in the village.”

I once was one of those girls in the weeds but now the son of God has caused me to blossom again.  My prayer for you would be the same.  It is our time as women to be resilient, hang out with the swamp girls, let the son drawl you out of the mud and become that blossoming lotus!

Quote ~Resilience is very different than being numb, resilience means you experience, you feel, you hurt, you fall.  But you keep going!!

About Marti
Marti Landis is co-founder of City Harvest Ministries together with her husband Jack Landis. Marti is a powerhouse preacher who had ministered from the nations to her own backyard. She carries a prophetic message of confident hope. She has tremendous strength in prayer. She is anointed to activate and release others in their gifting.

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