Overcoming Fear

April 13, 2016
Kim Lyons
Kim Lyons

By Kim Lyons

There will be times in everyone’s life when they will be invaded by the spirit of fear! There are all kinds of circumstances & situations that may pop up in our lives unexpectedly that will cause you to doubt and fear. It’s so important to understand the influence fear can have and how it works against us and the promises of God for our lives. It can keep you from being all God has created you to be!

Fear is the opposite of Faith….and the devil works very hard to cause us to fear because it brings with it torment! (I John 4:18) It’s important that we remember, II Timothy 1:7  For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. (NKJV)

Fear is designed to cripple your ability in the Lord and cause you to live a life full of torment & misery. It’s like a huge yoke placed upon your life, trying to prevent you from believing what God is Able to do in your life!

Fear begins as a thought and develops into an emotion that if you are not careful will cause you to make wrong decisions and rule your life or simply paralyze you from moving at all. How we think and ponder on our challenges in life has a lot to do with the results for our lives. (Prov. 23:7) The truth of the matter is most of our fear is birth out of a mind that has been formed by this world and it causes us to have a thought process that limits God. This is why God lets us know our transformation to who he created and called us to be will not fully manifest until we begin to renew our mind. (Romans 12:1-2)

We are expected as Christians to walk by faith and not by sight. (II Corth 5:7). We are to trust God in spite of what we see, hear or know. Our Faith must stand in the power and the ability of our Lord and on His Word!

When we become born again through a relationship with Jesus Christ, we actually become “recreated in Christ Jesus.” (Ephesians 2:10 AMP) So, whatever Jesus is, we are too. He is strong, and in Him, we are strong. He is courageous, in Him, we are courageous. He is a conqueror, so we can be too. He has peace and joy, so we have peace and joy. He’s capable and bold. In Christ, we can do whatever we need to do with His boldness. (quote by Joyce Meyers)

We must learn to fight the good fight of Faith and you’ll see…. you will have Victory over fear every time!


Kim Lyons Ministries

Kim Y. Lyons is the Co-Pastor and Founder of “In Faith Ministries International” in Lima, Ohio and the Founder of KLM. She is a native of Dayton, Ohio and was licensed & ordained a minister of the gospel by Bishop Ted Willis of Second Baptist Church in Piqua, Ohio.

Some words to describe the Ministry of Kim Lyons would be, impacting, dynamic, radical, life- transforming and Real! She is affectionately known as “Mama Kim” because of her “keepin it real” approach in ministry and life.

The influence of her ministry has broken through racial, denominational, and economical barriers which have allowed her the privilege of impacting many people.  Her dynamic style and “Keepin it Real” approach to preaching and teaching Gods word has allowed her numerous opportunities to preach at conferences, workshops, and churches abroad.

She has been a frequent guest on WTLW TV 44 “Grace for Today” show as well as WTGN Radio “Prayer Time” and has served as a Chaplain for Marketplace Ministries a ministry designed to minister to people in the work place. She has recently birth out a monthly Prayer Impact - Prayer line that has been aggressive through social media and is making an Impact in the Kingdom of God!

Her passion is to assist people in reaching their full potential and discover their authentic purpose and destiny. She is the wife of the Michael Lyons the Senior Pastor of In Faith Ministries International and the proud parent of 4 children and 2 grandchildren.