Life Giving Churches

July 30, 2010
Billy Hornsby
Billy Hornsby

By Billy Hornsby

These days it is not too hard to find great life-giving churches. I speak at one nearly every week of my life. They are exciting, engaging and full of the life of God. What God is doing is amazing in these days and we should thank Him daily for providing the world with real God-life opportunities.

But the perception of church is not what I am experiencing at all in the minds of the majority of Americans. Many think that church is still the boring, uninteresting and nonengaging “service” of their parents and grandparents. And there are reason why they perceive church to be this way. Look at the seven reasons they come to church but are disappointed when they leave.

7 reasons why Christians and others go to church and are not fulfilled:

1. They only go out of Duty – “We were raised in church and we just do it because you are supposed to.” Though not bad to go out of duty, if there is the lack of desire to find fulfillment it can grow old really fast. Duty will only do so much to keep you in church.

2. They only go out of Habit – “It is what I have always done. Sundays are for church, I have done it so long I guess it is just a habit” Habits can be changed and people change their church going habits on a regular basis these days.

3. Friendship – “Church is where my friends gather each week. I love the relationships.” Now this is a great reason to come to church. However, if this is the only time you get to see your friends, you will focus on the friendships more than what you can get from God on Sunday. (hence the need for small groups.)

4. Hope – “I guess I am looking for something that will make my life better and give me hope in these difficult times.” If I am coming for this reason, i better find that something. Church is the last resort where people go sometimes to find answers to life?s toughest challenges. Life Giving Churches By Billy Hornsby

5. Understanding – “My motivation is to try to find some understanding of my life and what it all means.” Living a meaningful life is absolutely vital to happiness and fulfillment. Let the church be where is all starts!

6. Purpose – “My main reason is to find purpose for living. There has to be more to life than just working and recreation.” Many people have found success in business and other pursuits yet feel they have no purpose. What could be a greater purpose than the cause of Christ.

7. God – “Church is my weekly connection to God. I look forward to the chance to disconnect from the world and enter into the spiritual realm.” This is a great goal for attending church. It is the church?s responsibility to help people connect with God through worship, the Word, prayer and fellowship.

Life is full of good and bad stuff. It?s like eating pasta, you can sure fill up on a bowl of pasta yet in a couple of hours you start getting hungry again (at least I do….same with Chinese food). The stuff in life that fills us up, many times, is not fulfilling. It does not have the “spiritual nutrition” that we need to really make us feel that our lives are significant.

People are looking for fulfillment in their “church” and God experience. Too often they get full of sermons, full of religion, full of activities and are still empty… still hungry…. amazing.

I believe the answer can be found in Life-Giving churches…I believe every church ought to be a place that creates and gives life to all that come. I have dedicated the rest of my life to starting life-giving churches that can bring people to a place of fulfillment in their hopes and dreams, walk with God and family, and everyday life and existence. Let?s join together to see this become a reality.