It's Time to Rise

July 21, 2020
Sheila Bowling
Sheila Bowling

Many years ago God spoke to me and said, “I’m raising up Gritty Women of God. It’s time for my women to come out of their complacency, to get their fight back, and go to war!" Side note: No need to worry that spiritual warfare will take away from your femininity.  Men really do like strong women.


There is a battle raging for the lives of men, women, and children - and it is time for the women of this generation to exert our influence and our power. It is time for us to battle strategically on behalf of those who are caught in the crossfire. We are not called to the playground, but to the battleground.


One of women’s strong gifts is that of caretaker, and we do this well.  In this hour though, God is calling us to rise up and fight so that there will no longer be so many who need critical care.

We must lend our voices, our hearts, our gifts and our time to God’s kingdom work, thereby preventing someone else's pain.


It's time for the women of God who are alive on the earth today to stand up against the powers of darkness. We must lift our voice against the slavery perpetuated against trafficking victims by sexual predators, against the thief of our peace called depression. It's time for the women of God to lift up a standard of moral purity, to demonstrate the strength that is only extracted from the joy of His presence, and to live the abundant life that only Jesus gives. We must be heard for women’s Biblical equality, and engage many other issues of our day. 


It's time for women to arise,


I believe that God is producing a generation of Esthers. He is not producing just one "Esther", but He is equipping an entire generation of women who have been born for such a time as this.

He is building a God centered generation of women who know the power of prayer and fasting, who are not intimidated by the compromise of the culture, and who are willing to stand against demonic spirits. God is calling a generation of women who are not afraid of dying, but are determined to live boldly and courageously on the battlefield of life. Women of true grit.


What will your role in your generation be? Because you will indeed, play a role in the plan of God during your lifespan.


Will you cower or will you care?

Will you be afraid, or will you be a force?

Will you truly live, or will you merely survive then die?


Let us together as women of God go to war for one another!!


Psalm 68:11 tells us that at the right time God will bring women together to preach the good news, and that when we come together, Kings of enemies will flee. I like to say it like this ‘strongholds will be broken when women come together.’ God is calling the Esthers to go to war! Not a war in our flesh or our strength, but an Ephesians 6 empowered war.


As we are taught in Ephesians 6:11, we are not warring against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places.  Therefore, we must put on the whole armor of God, so that we can all…





About Sheila Bowling:

Pastor Sheila Bowling is the President and Founder of Gritty Women of God. Along with her husband, Pastor Les Bowling, she is also co-founder of Eagle Rock Ministries and Eagle Rock Church. With over 25 years of ministry experience, Pastor Sheila Bowling brings life and momentum to the body of Christ. Using practical principles partnered with prophetic insight, she imparts strength and direction. Her anointing as a spiritual mother has brought restoration to many women, and encouraged them to step into the fullness of healing, and into their calling. Her message is one of hope, intercession and reconciliation to women globally. The Gritty Women of God International Conference is in its 23rd year, and the Gritty Discipleship program for teens and young women is growing exponentially. There has never been a more opportune time to become a Gritty Woman of God!


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