For Such A Time As This

June 26, 2020
Pastor Corey Williams
Pastor Corey Williams

By Pastor Corey Williams


Racism in America is not a new topic.  It is an issue that we have been battling since the inception of the Jim Crow Laws of 1876.  Racism is the most challenging issue confronting America.  Notwithstanding the efforts already expended for its elimination, racism continues to work its evil upon this nation. Progress toward tolerance, mutual respect, and unity has been painfully slow and marked with repeated setbacks. The recent resurgence of divisive racial attitudes, the increased number of racial incidents, and the deepening despair of minorities and the poor make the need for solutions ever more pressing and urgent.


I believe that as a nation and as a people we are in a very unique position to dramatically change the race issues in our country for the good of future generations.  As we watch all across this country rally after rally of diverse people, white, black and brown people, I see hope.  I see a group of people championing the same cause of racial equality.  I believe that the church has a great opportunity for God to work through us to bring about racial reconciliation. 2 Corinithans 5: 18 says:   And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation.”  I believe we are responsible not only to help men and women be reconciled back to God but equally I believe we are responsible for helping reconcile the relationships between whites and blacks in our country.   I believe for such a time as this God has chosen us to do just that. 


In the Greek, there are two words for the word “time”.  They are Kronos and Kairos.  Kronos is sequential time.  It’s the next hour, the next day, the next month. It is the way things just move out.  But then Kairos is a particular moment that just arrives.  It wasn’t on the schedule.  It wasn’t on the agenda.  For example, when Jesus said, "I must needs go to Samaria," it was not on the agenda; it was a divine moment that just arrived.  It was a moment in which Jesus was about to have an unexpected appointment with a woman at a well, and her life was about to be dramatically changed.  This is similar to what has happen with the racial conflict in our country.  This level of awareness and boiling over frustrations from seemingly most Americans just happened.  It just showed up. 


I don’t believe that the civil unrest that we see today is like any other conflict of the past.  At least not in my generation.  I believe this is different.  I believe it is a God moment to bring about the change we need to bring healing.  We are standing in a Kairos moment and I hope we do not waste it.


I believe that a Kairos moment is defined by 5 things.  Without each of them being present, I don’t believe we have a true Kairos moment.  A Kairos moment is always:


1. Defined by a CRISIS!  It's not necessarily a negative crisis, but something that has come to a head, to an end, something that has come to fulfillment.


2. Leading to CLARITY.  That is, we will begin to gain some sense of what is the underlying condition that has produced this moment.


3. A beginning to COALESCE people together.  People who have never been together are coming together to bring about change.


4. A COMMUNITY beginning to be formatted.  To sustain such a movement as the one that we see today requires a community who is committed to one another in relationships.


5. And last but not least, something CONCRETE that actually surfaces.  It has something that you can actually do.


I believe we are in a Kairos moment.  Our Crisis is the civil unrest.  It is clear that there are injustices and equity problems in our society.  We see different races and organizations coming together to bring about unity, and it itself is birthing unique communities of people who are working together develop concrete asks, desires, such as the change of laws in policing and the evacuations of board rooms when it comes to equity issues.


In the midst of so much darkness in our nation I am more than hopeful that we are standing in a moment that people read and write about.  I pray that we steward this moment so that future generation can be the benedictory of an undivided America.


About Pastor Corey Williams
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