Attitude Sets Atmosphere

March 10, 2020
Kim Lyons
Kim Lyons

By Kim Lyons

I believe two of the major components for great leadership are, number one, the attitude of the leader and number two, the atmosphere of the culture in which they lead. It’s very important that every leader understand they have been given the ability to control both. 

Number one, the leader must maintain the right attitude. There are two specific illustrations in the Bible that clearly speak to every believer's mandate and purpose. One is the illustration of being salt and light, and the other is being a witness. Both of these illustrations speak of making a difference in the world around us. The core foundation for any believer to be successful in their purpose is their ability to lead and influence is by the example, the attitude, and nature that’s within them. 

A leader can adjust their attitude by spending time with God, and allowing God's presence to permeate his or her heart and soul. A leader can also invest in spiritual growth and development, allowing the spirit to make the choice to rise up and influence the attitude. A leader can soak in worship, receiving needed strength and restoration, as well as an anointing to go out and be the change. 

As a leader and ambassador for our King, it's so very important the attitude and disposition we bring into the room is one that brings encouragement, elevation and celebration. This goes for any meeting, any job, any conversation and any relationship - you be the one who sets the atmosphere. When you enter, no matter the atmosphere prior to your arrival, there should be a noticeable witness of hopeful and joyful Illumination due to your positive attitude and conversation.

Number two, It’s been said that a toxic environment will take a good structure or system and eat it for lunch! It doesn’t matter how good the plans are, how solid the system is, or how structured the ministry is. If the atmosphere of the culture is one that continually leads to frustration, discontentment, lack of trust or simply an overall feeling of complacency, the chances of that organization or ministry to thrive is slim to none. It may survive, but it will struggle to thrive.

A leader can adjust the atmosphere by making sure the priority is lifting up Jesus. When we have the same goal, there is unity. When we experience the presence of God, there is peace and harmony. Also, natural wisdom helps with atmosphere by sharing clear vision and values, constant team building, effective communication and continual reaffirmation of our love. If there is a spiritual enemy trying to divide and conquer, that spirit needs to be dealt with and rebuked. If there is a person out of alignment and stirring up strife, the leader is responsible to correct and restore in truth and love.

We don't want to simply survive; we want to THRIVE! As leaders, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can adjust our attitude and the atmosphere of our environment. 


About Kim Lyons: Kim is the founder of Kim Lyons Ministries (KLM) and the Co-Pastor of In Faith Ministries International in Lima, Ohio. She is a pastor, conference speaker, author preacher, teacher, wife, mother and Nana. She is affectionately called "Mama Kim." The vision and passion of Kim Lyons Ministries is designed to evangelize, restore and empower individuals from every walk of life with the Word of God, crossing racial denominational and economic barriers. Her life goal is to make a difference in the Kingdom of God. Kim's passion for Christ has allowed her numerous opportunities to serve in ministry for over 30 years. Her road map has been Isaiah 61 to preach good tidings to the poor, to minister healing to the brokenhearted and to proclaim liberty to those who are in spiritual bondage. Her dynamic style and "keeping it real" preaching has allowed many to be set free. She is the wife of her best friend, loving husband and her pastor, Pastor Michael, and she is the proud mother of four beautiful children and seven grandchildren. 

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